Medicinal Grade MGO83+ New Zealand Manuka Honey & Antioxidant Rich Royal Jelly Skin Moisturizer 

Royal Jelly for skin rejuvenation
New Zealand Manuka Honey for ultimate skin protection and hydration

Coupled with the soothing creamy texture of she and cocoa butter
100g size
Highly concentrated
lasts up to 30 days with daily use!

Choose your Essential Oil Scent!

No Scent 
Lime & Coconut Verbena 
Spa Couture (Fresh Scent) 
Honeysuckle Jasmine CoutureFloral Scent) 
Pina Colada 

2 Jar: Manuka Honey & Royal Jelly Body Balm

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Body Balm Scent
Body Balm Scent Jar 2

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