Limited Time: Raw Manuka & Rainforest Honey Blend

Limited Time: Raw Manuka & Rainforest Honey Blend

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100% Raw Manuka and Rainforest Honey

Made with:

MGO 83+ Pure Manuka Honey from New Zealand 


100% Organic Rainforest Brazilian Raw Honey 

Award winning taste 

Packed full of vitamins and antioxidants from both hemispheres 

Great by the spoonful and as a healthy replacement to sweeteners and as a spread


    Our happily married Hanuka manuka honey is paired with Brazilian wild raw honey, that come together to form a powerful and rich flavor. United together the honey blend packs health benefits that you will not believe while offering you a smooth and lingering taste that will have you reaching for more. Only when you start to consume our Hanuka manuka honey blend on a daily basis are you able to gain benefits such as:


    • Antioxidants - Packed with antioxidants from two different kinds of honey, the blend ensures a powerful punch. These antioxidants will help protect your body from free radicals that cause cell damage, declining your appearance in the process. By adding the honey blend to your day you will be able to hold onto your glowing, healthy, and youthful skin for years to come.


    • Antifungal - This Hanuka manuka honey blend offers you rich antibacterial and antifungal properties, that can help kill unwanted bacteria and fungus in your system. While healing your body from within using its peroxide quality.


    • Cold - When suffering from a cold the Hanuka manuka honey blend is a great option. As it's strong antibacterial and antiviral properties help cut down on the symptoms while offering you a soothing agent like no other. Making the blend the perfect way to heal and recover your body after a cold.


    • Gastric Ulcer - If you suffer from stomach ulcers then you will be pleased to know that our Hanuka manuka honey blend offers a natural healing method. Now only will it help cut down on the symptoms, but help relax and heal your stomach.
  • Ingredients:

    RAW New Zealand Manuka Honey  MGO 83 & RAW USDA Organic Fair Trade Brazilian Honey

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