Royal Jelly with  Manuka & Organic Rainforest Honey

Royal Jelly with Manuka & Organic Rainforest Honey

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This is our most powerful blend of Pure Royal Jelly with our Raw Manuka & Organic Rainforest Honey. This is a superfood blend that is sweet and packed with immune boosting support.  


USA TESTED, USA POURED for quality and purity


•Royal Jelly is highly nutritious and antioxidant rich and used in the hive to extend the life of the Queen by 40X’s

•Heart Health (Cholesterol and Blood Pressure lowering)

•This honey is characterized by a thick creamy texture and tangy sharpness that is harmonized into the full bodied taste of the Manuka and Brazilian honeys.

•Royal Jelly was used by Aristotle and in ancient Greece as “Ambrosia” said to give immortality

•Royal Jelly is an Aphrodisiac

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    Our Royal Hanuka Mauka honey is a stunning collaboration of our Pure Queen Bee Royal Jelly, Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey and our pristine USDA Organic Rainforest honey to offer the best bee superfood from around the world. Paired perfectly, the honey offers you a gorgeous aroma and rich flavor that will linger in your mouth for a while. Prepared and packed just for you, the honey offers the following health benefits.


    • Nutrients - Our royal blend of honey offers you a slightly sweet and thick texture that is a rich source of healthy nutrients. Virtually containing no fat honey can help boost energy, by offering you body necessary nutrients. A great way to start your day is with a spoonful in your tea, or on your toast.


    • Soothe - With our all-natural and raw blend we offer you royal Hanuka manuka honey at it's the finest quality. With just a spoonful every day, you will be able to soothe your itchy throat and upset stomach. Knowing for its soothing benefits the manuka honey can be consumed in different ways.


    • Calories - While offering you a delicious taste that will linger in your mouth, the pure manuka and royal jelly mix pack fewer bad sweetening agents. Offering you a delightful and healthy alternative to sugar. You can use our pure blend of honey to ensure moderation, enhanced taste, and control sugar and calories intake.


    • Overall Health - Used for decades as medicine honey is said to hold many different soothing powers. With a high-quality and pure blend of honey, you will be able to offer your body a supporting agent.
  • Ingredients:

    RAW New Zealand Manuka Honey  MGO 100+, RAW USDA Orgnaic Fair Trade Brazilian Honey, & Pure Royal Jelly

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