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Royal Superfood Pack:
1 -100% MGO 83+ New Zealand Manuka Pure Raw Bioactive Honey
1-Royal Jelly & Manuka~Rainforest Blend Honey 

Both are our most powerful honeys all natural no sugar added only pure raw unfiltered bee products.
1.  100% Manuka 83+ Honey:
100% Raw, Pure Bioactive Manuka Honey from New Zealand has a uniquely sharp nutty flavor and characteristic caramel thick texture.  This powerful raw honey is packed with antibacterial, performance-enhancing, and immunity properties

2.  Royal Hanuka Manuka Honey:
The most powerful blend that combines Manuka Honey, Organic Wild Brazilian Honey, and Pure Royal Jelly that give this thick honey a full-bodied tangy taste.  Royal Jelly is highly nutritious and packed with antioxidants that research indicates promote cellular longevity and anti-aging effects.

Super Pack: 100% Manuka & Royal Hanuka Manuka


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