Super Pack: 100% Manuka & Royal Hanuka Manuka

Super Pack: 100% Manuka & Royal Hanuka Manuka


Royal Superfood Pack:

USA Tested and USA Poured for Quality and Authenticity


Alpha Honey is jarred directly from the source to ensure your honey reaches your tabel exactly the way the bees made it.


1 Jar-100% MGO 83+ New Zealand Manuka Pure Raw Bioactive Honey1-Royal Jelly & Manuka~Rainforest Blend Honey Both are our most powerful honeys all natural no sugar added only pure raw unfiltered bee products.


1 Jar-100% Manuka 83+ Honey:100% Raw, Pure Bioactive Manuka Honey from New Zealand has a uniquely sharp nutty flavor and characteristic caramel thick texture.


This powerful raw honey is packed with antibacterial, performance-enhancing, and immunity properties2. Royal Hanuka Manuka Honey:  The most powerful blend that combines Manuka Honey, Organic Wild Brazilian Honey, and Pure Royal Jelly that give this thick honey a full-bodied tangy taste. Royal Jelly is highly nutritious and packed with antioxidants that research indicates promote cellular longevity and anti-aging effects.

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